Procurify Pay

Procurify is a Vancouver based Series B Fintech startup that helps high growth organizations control 7+ Billion in spend annually, providing smart spend management.
Project Overview
Think about the time when you needed something at work or when you asked for a budget to take your team out for lunch or even to pay for a license... Was it simple? How many people did you have to go through? Procurify Pay gives autonomy to anyone in the organization to purchase what they need with prepaid visa cards.
My Role
Workshop Facilitator, UX & UI Designer for Web and Mobile Experience.
Applied Methodologies
  • Customer Interviews
  • Design Sprint
  • Journey Mapping
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • User Testing
Project Scope
Jan 2019 - Mar 2020
Intro to Customer's Journey
After conducting a series of in-app surveys and interviewing customers to understand how they used Procurify for different roles, I crafted a series of user journeys to find common patterns.
Meet Melissa, 29

Melissa is a People Coordinator in a tech company that often is looking after the office and people's needs. From time to time, she also organizes meetup events. Often uses Procurify to request items and budgets. However, when she needs something urgent, she uses the company credit card.


Melissa needs office supplies for an offsite she is organizing next week.

Goals & Expectations

- Receive the items on time before the workshop.
- Stay informed of request status.

Common patterns found from each type of request made in the app regardless of role in the organization:
The average time from request to final approval is 5 days.
Yet requesters still wait a few more days until purchasers are ready to create a PO and mark as received. That could be a total of 12 days average that a requester waits to get their hands on what they need.
Even though Procurify has helped companies save time (and money) with a digital procurement process, often finance teams have to enter data manually when creating bills to pay vendors and when receiving items.
From Design Sprint to a MVP
Before jumping into solutions, I facilitated some exercises mapping the ideal jobs to be done by the customer, pains and gains with my engineering team and some of our champions that wanted to participate.
Can we allow managers to approve funds for team members while keeping spend control and visibility of their expenses?

Design Sprint Hypothesis

Rapid Prototyping to Validate Ideas
The Pros of MVP #1
Anyone in the company was now empowered to request for money and get approved funds instantly, not only items.

Cardholders were now able to get real-time transaction details on their device as e-receipts. No more expense reports needed!

Finance teams were able to get much more information about transactions at the time of reconciling Pay cards than ever before.
The Cons of MVP #1
Even though cardholders loved it, approvers didn’t have enough visibility of where the money was spent or who else already approved money for the same cardholder too.

Cardholders still had to do some manual work matching transactions to account codes each time they wanted to mark a transaction as completed.
Introducing Procurify Pay Beta

A second iteration launched by invite only to selected customers in early January 2020.

Success Metrics
1. Beta users already can submit requests within 2 minutes and purchase what they need within 1 day after approval reducing their time spent in-app logging expenses.

2. Procurify Pay already captures 36% of beta customer's spend. No more request orders created for petty cash. (Tracking low amounts at high transaction volume).

3. Procurify Pay predicts to reduce churn by 13% at the end of 2020.
In Retrospective
During this journey, I learned that customers are eager to give autonomy to their employees to contribute to managing their company expenses without micro-managing them.

I learned to ask for help when it comes to resources to meet deadlines without compromising scope.

Data tracking, on the other hand, was a challenge at Procurify due to security concerns with our customer's data. However, I was always able to reach out through email to any user, invite them for a coffee chat to learn more about their process in-house and how they adopted Procurify.
We tested as we shipped, and as of January 2020, Procurify Pay is available for selected customers in beta. Taking a tested and reliable product to market in Q2 2020.
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