Sneakerheads Concept

Connecting people with brands and the community to sell, browse and buy sneakers.
Project Overview
Merging conversations and transactions into one experience between buyers and sellers. Featuring: showcase collections to the public, browse items, messages, make offers to purchase and transaction processes such as checkout, shipping and payment details.
My Role
UX Designer
July 2018
Luke Elis, 27. Sneaker Collector
Luke is from Vancouver, He works at the local sport store because he loves sports. He considers himself as a "casual sneakerhead"; sometimes likes to shop for himself and some other times enjoys making extra money by trading shoes online.
Today Luke is in the hunt of the "Jordan 'Why Not?' Zero.1".
Step 1: Mapping Consumer Experience
Step 2: Sketch ideas  >  Decide solutions
High Fidelity Prototype
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