Planning poker

Designed for teams who are too busy shipping to stop and story point the old fashioned way.
Project Overview
ZenHub's vision is to be the project management tool software teams use in GitHub. The team wanted to help users perform more agile ceremonies in the product so I facilitated a design sprint workshop to test and validate an idea that will increase adoption and engagement of ZenHub Sprints so that users can see the benefits of other features like reporting and team velocity.
My Role
- Feature design lead
- Workshop facilitator
Applied Methodologies
  • Design sprint
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
Project Scope
Jan 2021 - Mar 2021

The problem

ZenHub currently supports Estimation through a sidebar dropdown, where users can choose a story point value and apply it to an issue. Estimates are very important to product, as some of our key features (burndown chart, velocity chart, release report, Sprints) all rely on issues having Estimates.

I ran a design sprint with the goal of solving the following problems:

Estimation was identified to be the biggest opportunity in the product to address these problems. This is further validated by some of the trends we saw in the product:

38.4% of churn from the last 10 months was attributed to missing Scrum features like: Backlog refinement, Estimation & prioritization, Sprint Planning.

How might we facilitate best agile practices in ZenHub?

Design sprint question

The E-Z estimator 9000
After I facilitated a design sprint with 7 key team members, the winning idea to be tested had a few hypothesis to validate:
After some paper sketching ideas, wireframe reviews with project owners and engineers, we got a solid prototype to test with users.
But what is story point estimation?
Story point estimation involves predicting the level of effort required to complete a development task or issue. This idea of relative sizing is the fundamental driver in Agile estimation.

Round 1 of testing

Scrum master
Team member

Participants felt that the big value of estimation sessions is to identify the complexity and discuss synchronously.

Round 2 of testing

Scrum master
Team member

Beta release

1. Anyone can select the issues that need estimates and invite participants
2. Anyone can see voter statuses in real time, edit or delete participants
Success metrics

Sprints vs milestones adoption. Automated sprints released in March 2021 to the public and planning poker launched later in May 2021. Sprints has taken over milestones.

Other KPIs we measured
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